Our dynamic company cooperation is a network of different technical services and engineer qualifications: Your strong partner for complete solutions!

Already in 1976, Architect Dipl.-Ing. Dr. techn. Alfred Lengger has laid the foundation for todays LENGGER-ARCHITECTS and he has realised early on, that a holistic approach to the task is a decisive factor for a permanently successful building project. His vision of complete solutions for the construction sector is the secret of success of the LENGGER-ARCHITECTS.

We offer all services, from the first idea, the location and site searching, consultation on financing and marketing, attendance of the building measure, to the turn-key delivery and subsequent support of the completed real estate.

The LENGGER-ARCHITECTS aspires to connect function, sustainability, and aesthetics. This quality policy forms the basis of our action. It sets the development direction and is the basis of our quality management. We are working within a framework of clearly defined authorities and responsibilities. Each team member knows his or her tasks and the tasks of the other members. The responsibilities are transparent towards external persons as well, thus the responsible contact persons are kown at all times. A structured and goal-oriented method is absolutely essential for us.

Our computer equipment is our central working- and communications appliance. For this reason, we are making arrangements in order to guarantee the functionality of the entire system and the protection of our data from involuntary loss.

Our architecture is as manifold as the tasks, we are confronted with. In the process, we are aware of the responsibility to create things, that feature not only high architectural quality, but also sustainability.