Our dynamic company cooperation is a professional partner for the development, planning and realisation of your building projects.

Competence and experience are necessary when sucessfully realising national and international projects of all sizes. Our company cooperation disposes of the know-how and the experience from over three decades. Several economically and legally independent companies work closly together on this basis and thus use their resources to your advantage: several engineering qualifications form a highly professional network of technical services!

Applied with professional systematic, project management has become indispensable as a comprehensive tool of control on todays construction sites. No matter whether a project is big or small, LENGGER-ARCHITECTS takes care of a smooth and controlled construction process. Cost control, quality managment, adherence to schedules, construction supervision and managment of all parties involved in the construction are a few catchphrases, which stand for successful project management of the Lengger-group. By consequently using project management from the start, an optimised construction process with a minimum of friction loss can be reached. The project management takes over the entire organisation and coordination of the expert planners and furthermore constantly checks the observance of costs, qualities, schedules, as well as the smooth procedure of the construction process. Due to their long time experience, our experts are capable of comparing the actual state of the project with the target state of the project at any given moment and of reacting immmediatly to delays, cost variance and quality deficiency.


With our extensive range of services we are able to offer perfect solutions for every task imaginable. Our performance principle functions in a module system: no matter if you need only our services for planning of project exectuion or an entire solution – we have the necessary specialists at our command! Simultaneously, our experts work on the solution of your task and, in the context of general planning, take care of all steps for the execution of your project: cost-optimized and in due time!  kostenoptimiert und termingerecht! A one-stop shop!