This is made possible by an efficient global network and by our reliable File Managment System technet iDMS, which provides a so far unknown effectiveness and flexibility in the handling of international large-scale projects: distances, borders, time difference – all these factors are no longer an impediment for a successful project execution.

Document managment serves the database oriented administration of electronic documents. This term summarizes the administration of documents, which have originally been in paper form, in electronic systems. In large-scale projects, next to the communication between the different partners, also the interchange of documents and data is given major priority. Since the percentage of electronic documents, as compared to traditional paper documents, is increasing consistently, we have developed a software, which simplifies, administers, and structures the paperwork among the participants.

iDMS offers for all project participants a clear, personalised view on documents and information and is thus a project-accompanying tool, which has become indispensable in the working process.

Technology center Lengger, Villach (A) A-9500 Villach, Ossiacher Zeile 7 headquarter and technology center with: 12 office- and technology premises about 80 modern CAD-workstations connected via several high performance server, webserver, broadband-internet-access, ISDN-router, several high performance plotter, plan folding facilities, digital printers in color and black and white, Graphic studio for realistic architectural visualisation and digital presentation, scanner and digital cameras. Branch, Villach (A) A-9500 Villach, Bertha-von-Suttner-Straße 25 branch office with: 16 office- and technology premises & connected infrastructure with technology center Lengger. Branch Budapest (HU) H-1027 Budapest, Toelgyfa utca 1 – 3 branch office with: 5 office premises & connected infrastructure with technology center Lengger.