Project development and Consulting:

Project screening:

Execution analysis, feasibility study, partner aquisition
Site aquisition, -security
Basis analysis, space- and function concepts
Project concept, planning preparations
Project monitoring

Space planning, geography, town and country planning and - presevation

Supra-regional regional development concept, regional management, Masterplanning, local spatial planning, development concepts, land use and development plans
Urban planning, -development concepts, analysis of local conditions
area and environmental impact assessment, surveys and declarations
traffic planning, traffic concept, detail projects
expert- and expert witness tasks in all subject areas of spatial- and town and country planning


Consultation and support of GIS-systems for cities and communities


Praparation of theme maps
Landscaping, park- and garden architecture, open space design to high buildings
town and country planning, landscape and open space concepts, green space studies
Landscape ecology, landscape preservation plans, environmental protection concepts, habitat - and cultural landscape

Architectural planning

Preliminary design planning:

Design planning, Further development of designs, basis for further partial plannings

Detail planning:

Execution planning, stock planning
General planner activities
Artistic chief managment, Execution(monitoring) regarding design and style
Interior design, furnishing of object

Construction - and project management

Project controlling:

Costing, cost estimations
Obtaining of permissions of the building authorities, submission design
Technical chief managment, execution(monitoring) and coordination
Business chief management, time- and payment scheduling, tendering for all service areas
Local building inspection, coordination and monitoring of the entire processing
Building- and planning coordination according to the coordination law of construction work coordination
property developer tasks
General contractor tasks

Facility management

Rent and lease
Real estate administration
Floor-space management
Technical building management
Commercial building management
Infra-structural building management

Data- and information management

Web-based data management systems
IT and network technologies, CAD-applications, data base systems, plan logistics
All project data can be downloaded via the internet from anywhere at all times.

Graphics and visualisation

Three-dimensional general – and stock plannings
Realistic architectural visualisation, photo composition
Animations, walk-throughs, PAN-views
Print presentations of planning documents of all kinds: folders, portfolios, brochures, etc.…
Digital presentations of planning documents of all kinds (powerpoint, director)
Webdesign: internet presentations HTML, Flash
Corporate Design: conceptions, design and support
Public relations, preparation for publication, media information and emanation